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Image courtesy of the Kansas Rocks Recreational Park

Where to Go Off-Roading Near Kansas City

There’s nothing like exploring the Jeep trails near Overland Park in your new Jeep vehicle. They offer incredible off-road performance and are asking to be taken off the beaten path. Even if you don’t have a Jeep, and you’re driving in a new RAM vehicle that’s built for some off-road trails near Overland Park, there are plenty of places to scout.

However you’re looking to curb your need for explorations, the off-road trails in Kansas have you covered. Not sure where to begin your search for some Jeep trails near Kansas City? We’re more than happy to help at Olathe Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram. Discover some of the popular off-road and Jeep trails near Gardner today with our team!

Kansas Rocks Recreation Park

One of the most popular off-road Jeep trails near Kansas City is the Kansas Rocks Recreation Park. It’s about an hour and a half south of Kansas City, KS, and features plenty of off-road events for you to push your off-road vehicle to its fullest.

Whether you’re a beginner or an off-road veteran, this off-road trail in Kansas has something that’ll match your level of exploring. This off-road park is open year-round to 4WD vehicles, mountain bikes, hikers, and UTVs. Their operating hours are as follows:

April 1st – October 1st

  • Saturday: 8am – 7pm
  • Sunday/Monday Holidays: 8am – 5pm

October 1st – April 1st

  • Saturday: 8am – 5pm
  • Sunday: 8am – 4pm

Note that this off-road trail near the Gardner area is not open during the week. Additionally, if there is extreme inclement weather, the park may also be closed.

Tuttle Creek ORV Area

Access off-roading near Kansas City, KS, at Tuttle Creek ORV Area, just an hour west of the city in Randolph, KS. As one of the most popular off-road parks in the state, Tuttle Creek boasts a variety of terrain, including steep and chunky hill climbs, stepped rock climbs, rugged trails, creek crossings, deep ruts, and more. Make the most of these off-road trails with your Trail Rated Jeep. You can access this off-road and Jeep trail near Kansas City during the following hours:

  • Daily: 9am – Sunset

Southern Missouri Off-Road Ranch

The Southern Missouri Off-Road Ranch features over 940 acres of off-road adventuring. At SMORR, you’ll be able to experience the Missouri Ozarks and push your off-road vehicle to its limits. After you’re done exploring this off-road trail near Kansas, you’ll even have the chance to book a cabin or access a campsite to wind down and enjoy the great outdoors. You can access this off-road trail during the following hours:

Gatehouse Hours

  • Friday & Saturday: 8am – 7pm
  • Sunday: 8am – 2pm

Wheeling Hours

  • Friday: 8am – Midnight
  • Saturday: 7am – Midnight
  • Sunday: 7am – Dusk

Campground Hours

  • Arrivals: Anytime Thursday after 5pm
  • Departure: Campground closes every Monday at 10am

Hogan’s Off-Road Park

If getaways to off-road parks are your idea of a good time, then make your way to Hogan’s Off-Road Park in Disney, OK. At this off-road and Jeep trail near the Springhill area, you’ll be able to traverse treacherous off-road trails and rock structures by day and pitch a tent for a true camping experience by night.

For a unique and exciting off-road adventure, take a visit to this off-road trail near the Springhill area today, and you won’t be let down. You can access Hogan’s off-road park year-round!

Jeep climbing rocks

Connect With Olathe Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram for More Local Recommendations

Now that you know where to go off-roading near Kansas City, take the time to explore Olathe parks or check out the popular grub pubs near Olathe today! Don’t hesitate to get in touch for additional recommendations for off-road Jeep trails near Kansas City. We’re excited to see where your off-road-ready Jeep or RAM takes you next!

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